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Note On gallery — Berlin

(YOU LISTENING TO) News about the Apocalypse #6

What type of object is an apocalypse? What are its features, its conditions, its potentials? (YOU LISTENING TO)  youtube.com/watch?v=Qsza93W6n1M,  approaches the apocalypse not as a terrifying event of final revelation to be escaped, survived or denied, but as an object to be understood, even as it attempts to erase all understanding. When one begins to speculate on the form of something as strange and unlikely as an apocalypse, it is possible to start to identify characteristics, sometimes only as negative traits, but slowly and surely the thing starts to reveal its weird topology. Perhaps there is more than one apocalypse, or perhaps there are many small-scale apocalypses that participate in the evolution of everyday life.

(YOU LISTENING TO) proposes a move away from the traditional manner of seeing change as an event that descends from beyond and causes a rupture in the unfurling of lived time. The exhibition reveals an alternative strategy for thinking about the process of change and moves away from the model of the rupture or event to suggest an ecology of processes that form a complex, behavioural object. Like weather systems, and market bubbles, an apocalypse is unstable and responds to and is shaped by the things it comes in contact with. There is no post-apocalypse, you can only live in the unfurling heat of an emerging apocalyptic entity. Welcome to the apocalypse.